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// bass/vocals


Eric just joined us in 2022 and has already played some of the most memorable gigs with the band, yet.

He is also a member of the beloved local cover band, Full Circle, as well as a former member of Noizee Neighbors and several other esteemed projects.

He also has some adorable quirks like pointing at the sky when he burps, being the best-dressed member of any band he's in, as well as having an uncanny resemblance to Johnny from Cobra Kai.


No autographs please!

// vocals


No, "Grace Kelly" is not her real name. It's a nickname she got from tripping and falling on her face and it stuck! (Hardly graceful).

Kelly is an experienced vocalist and might also be a member of SoCal original band 'Hotwired'. Who knows at this point...She's always gigging with us!


She joined Open Bar during the COVID lockdowns of 2020 and has been rockin' the stage with us ever since. Her hobbies include reading, writing, random anxiety attacks, cats, having 5 teas with honey with her everywhere she goes and seething when Steve threatens to replace her with a stripper.


// guitar/vocals


Steve loves Slayer, is a horrible pontoon boat captain, but makes up for it with his fine mastery of the guitar. In his spare time, he can be found skipping through the forest singing 'La-lalala-la..."


Aside from enduring roasts from his bandmates, he is the original founder of Open Bar and dedicated to creating a truly memorable experience for the audience.

When he's not rocking the stage in a sexy leather vest that drives Randy Green wild, he's also BBQing, camping, zipping around in a convertible Camaro, and playing guess-the-underwear color with his bandmates. (Don't ask.)


// drums


Robert's talents have graced the stages of the Southern California music scene for many years. He and Kelly go "way" back to the original band 'Hotwired' (but they don't like to talk about that).

Robert also just joined us in fall of 2021 and brings contagious innovation and energy to our mix.

Not only is he a talented drummer, Robert is ridiculously intelligent and like a walking game of trivia, big fan of weird sh*t like ASMR, and a champion in Olympic drumstick throwing.

In his spare time, we're all suspecting he's a ninja drumstick assassin but we're kinda too afraid to ask.


Chauffeur/Chef/Event Planner/Disciplinarian/Etc.


Open Bar could not function without our "Momager", our Queen Jeanine. Jeanine keeps us going, is the friendly face of the band, beloved by all she comes into contact with.


Not only is she in charge of booking, she manages merchandise, photography, videography, promo, advertising, as well as Manager duties like making sure her band eats, drives safely, and dresses accordingly. Every band in America needs a Jeanine. And we feel blessed because she is OURS.

Perhaps her greatest duty of all, though is living with a guitarist. That's not easy.


//Sound & Lighting


Kevin is our sound engineer extraordinaire - Always monitoring our sound, adjusting levels and making sure the band aren't the only people in the place having fun because it's too damn loud.


He's the guy who makes sure the bass has you dancing, the drums thump, the guitar rips, and the vocals float on top without hurting your ears.


Pretty much our MVP for live performances. 

Also, if he seems grumpy during a show, it's not you...It's him. He's just super focused. Give him some funnel cake fries and a Coors Light and he'll be okay.

//Band Mascots

Especially to Noodles, whom enjoys listening to us play and would actually probably chill in the bass drum during practice if we let him.

Don't worry. We don't.

//The true VIPs

All of you, those who have supported us in ways big & small, told your friends about us, etc.

We Love You!!!